Road To Penang Marathon

5/11-14/11=Exam. Disaster. Mentally, physically and emotionally tortured.
14/11 (2pm)=Played football at bola-bola until muscle cramp. Started worrying about Penang Marathon as muscle cramp=(-.-')
14/11 (5.30pm)=At home. Suffered from muscle cramp once again.
14/11 (11.00pm)=Slept.
15/11 (7am)=Woke up early so that a meeting about Training Camp can be carried out in time. Meeting started from 8am-12.30pm. Every parts of the body felt extremely pain in the morning.
15/11 (12.30pm)=Had lunch and went to tuition straight away.
15/11 (4pm)=Tuition finally ended.
15/11 (4.30pm)=Played games until 11.30pm WITHOUT SLEEPING or RESTING.
15/11 (11.30pm)=Had sotong and fried kuey teow as supper. Sotong contains sodium to prevent muscle cramp and fried kuey teow produces energy. However, they ain't working well.
16/11 (1am)=Sat inside the bus, chatting, doing nonsence but still not resting...
16/11 (1.30am)=Ghost movie is played inside the bus. WTF!!
16/11 (2.00am)=Reached. Walk, kept on walking, and kept on walking. Waiting, kept on waiting and kept on waiting until the race finally started at 6.30am (Fun Run).
16/11 (6.30am)=Run.......Run.........Run...........
16/11 (about 9am)=The disaster's over.
16/11 (10.10am)=Bus came and brought us back. Slept at bus for 30 minutes.
16/11 (10.40am)=Reached school.
16/11 (11am)=Reached home. Ate lunch, played computer, and did nonsence.
16/11 (1.15pm)=Friends came to my house and we started playing PS again.
16/11 (6pm)=Friends went home. From 1.15pm-6pm, I took my chance to slept for about 1 hour.
16/11 (6.30pm)=Ate dinner.
16/11 (7.30pm)=Reached home and started blogging.
16/11 (9.15pm)=Stopped blogging and went to sleep FINALLY.

Thus, I woke up at 7am(15/11) and slept at 9.30pm(16/11). By simple calculation, I have not been sleeping for 38 hours and 30 minutes!!!! If I minus the time that I slept at bus and during the time my friends came to my house, then it will be decreased to 37 hours, which is a long long time still. Plus, muscle cramp and physical fatigue worsen the situation. I don't know about you guys but I'm going to sleep. CYA.