Perspectives From 4 Peoples

'The View From A Different Perspective' what a wonderful signature. Isn't perspective a wonderful thing? These are perspectives from 4 peoples that I collected as I ventured out last few days.

That day, wondering no more, I peeped at the conversation among a few peoples. At first, I heard this: "Hahaha, he very gai de."

And I don't know what this guy is referring to. After going through some information I obtained lately and through my MSN knowledge, I remembered this person---life is meaningless. He is the best detector at school in peeping humours among students---Ong Shiau Yeei. This should be another great form of information. Hold on!! Someone says something...

What!!! He is talented in kao lui? Wait let me check through Google. Kao Lui in Google stands for a process in obtaining trust, love, friendship, honour from another girl(or a group of girls). Lui here stands for Girl. Ok now I know. This XX is very gai because he is talented in kao lui?! Let me check again. Gai in Google stands for very bad. But why? Kao Lui shouldn't be very bad. We should wait and see. Here it comes again.

Seems like OSY is totally agree with Disconnect Hollow---Teh Tat How in saying that this XX's mouth is very geng. Through checking, geng in Google stands for very strong, good in doing something. In this case, his mouth should be very good in kao lui. This XX certainly possesses great potential in kao lui-ing as mouth is the most deleterious armour in kao lui-ing. Disconnect Hollow continues:

Chinese word?!?! Dunno what it means...But invariably it shouldn't be a good thing. Cannot check it through Google as I don't know how to type it. Hehe! However, this Disconnect Hollow is a master in Chinese Literature. This word should be HARMFUL. There should be a damn good explaination why Disconnect Hollow and OSY both are saying bad things about this XX.

!!!!! Now, I know why and who they are talking about. KLK is the guy. I know this guy and yes, he is pretty good in kao lui-ing. I should have thought of him. And Disconnect Hollow and OSY both are saying bad things about him because he is on 4 girls in one time!!! WTH!!! FOUR?!?! Bad bad KLK, how dare you... I can't help you in this case... Hold on, someone passes by.

Who is this? Meeji? Let me check. Meeji_Hyouketse is a famous Chemistry teacher currently teaching in the class where KLK, OSY and Disconnect Hollow are studying in. Well, she should know something. Let she continues.

Oh, she protects KLK. But why? SHHH... OSY says something.

OSY is still very angry. He proposes that KLK is cheating.

Meeji is still protecting KLK saying KLK is loyal. I'm totally confused to all of these. Why a teacher will ever want to protect a student who did so many bad things?

OSY keeps on providing solid facts. And Meeji doesn't seem caring. She is still protecting KLK, without caring what OSY has said. I continue my peep until I hear a fourth voice coming from a far distance.

Yuh4n!! Reputable professor in the school Meeji's teaching. Good question. I want to ask that as well. Come on Meeji, answer us.

What!?!?! Don't!!! I haven't hear the answer....Come On!!! Don't!!!

Oh please.................No signal. No sign. No word. No sight. No breath. Nothing left.

Although I got no result this time, but still I learnt to see things from a different perspective. Oh yea? Just kidding......I will be much careful the next time and will ever make sure the transmission is at 100%. Isn't perspective a wonderful thing? Who knows..


meteor said...

wan kena ar u???
if let klk noe wat will happen?!!
don try this again liao la......

Alexander Mahone said...

请镇定...U must pay for what u have done...hehe...and I think he wont bother that much lo.