Leg Shaking

What is this?
Yes, of course our dearest LEG.

Below are a few things that can be done by our leg:
a) Play football.

b) Play crazy football.

c) Walk.

d) Run.

e) Escape.

f) Dance.

g) Fight.
h) And there is one more thing you can do with your leg: Shake it!!! Yes, you can.

There's been a good article about Leg Shaking Habit recently:

For full page viewing, click here.

So, what's wrong with leg shaking? An interview was taken place recently with professor Sleeping Hollow. He witnessed few leg shaking moments and came out with this:

[Goyang: Shake]
Nobody knows who he is referring to. Yet, nobody wishes to know. He/she maybe somebody around us right now. You, Me, He or She...... Any idea?

Don't bother...Don't wonder.....

Have a nice day!! And SHAKE IT ALL DAY LONG!!!!!