Speed Up Start Menu

When u move your mouse to the arrow for example all programs or accessories, the system will only display the content in like few seconds time. Now we can speed it up by canceling the delay time.

1) Go to run and type regedit
2) Open HKEY_Current_User
3) Open contol panel under HKEY_Current_User
4) Open desktop under control panel
5) Now on your right, u may see a list of thing. Find MenuShowDelay
6) Double click it and change the value data 40 to 0
7) Now close everything and restart computer
8) Now move your mouse to the arrows on your start menu and see the changes.....fast isn't it?XD

Give comments if got any questions......


Mits said...

It's really superb...
Thanks for sharing the information... I like your blog very much...