Khidmat Masyarakat

So what is Khidmat Masyarakat? The school authorities say that it is a project that can menyemai nilai-nilai murni ke dalam hati kita. But, is it? Yes, it is a fun thing to do and it does bring a lots of benefits. For examples:-

a) Instead of sleeping in class, u can sleep while doing the job:-

b) U stand a chance to smell 'sweet fragrance'. WTF?

c) After smelling, u will get addicted like him:-

d) U will be very excited. Don't know why?

e) U get a chance to play Treasure Hunt:-

f) When u finally find something that seems to be a 'treasure', u will be like this:-

g) Getting the treasure out is not an easy thing, thus we need a guy strong enough to dig it up and this has mencungkil bakat murid kita:-

h) After all, Khidmat Masyarakat is a great thing that should be carried out throughout the year as it brings many many many many benefits. (^.^)


yuh4n said...

not bad ma~ "Khidmat" lo... BTW, I din go for this... therefore I lose many marks on it...


hmm... why no blog achieve de?
Go layout add one.


Wilson said...

erm....Instead of using that, I use Labels. Cuz the blog archieve seems to be useless and 'eat' a lot of space.

Wilson said...

Finally, I still add one..XD