Countdown Shutdown Mechanism




These are the previews for making a 'countdown shutdown mechanism' . This is not a virus but is able to enable your computer to shutdown after a particular time.
1) On your desktop, right click and choose new then shortcut. Under 'type your location of the item', type in shutdown -s -t 200 -c "this is a virus" and then click next. (the 200 indicates 200 seconds countdown until the shutdown)(You can make it shorter or longer as you like)
2) Name the shortcut by simply giving it a name such as Virus and then click finish. The shortcut is done.
3) Change the icon of the shortcut to make it "cooler".


Now try it by double-clicking it. The countdown starts. If u r just likely to try but don't want it to shutdown, you can cancel it by going to run in your start menu and type in shutdown.exe -a. The preview as below:-

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