Nuffnang's Tags Story

Yet another nuffnang story...
Have you read Self-Nangs & Dangs Story?--My first Nuffnang story..

Now, here it comes...the second one: Tags Story:
(click on the pics to enlarge if the images are blur)

How much you know about tags of Nuffnang?
It's just a label to your posts. And, you can search for other tags by using this:

With this, you can search for others' posts easily while others can search for your posts easily as well.

Problems with TAGS:
a) Some tags are rarely used such as 'dang' or 'nang'.. And this guy, tiuniasing(hated by most) discovered it and used it enormously...LOL. Now, if you go searching for 'dang' or 'nang' under tags search, you'll find out that the whole page 'belongs' to him: (try it) Annoying huh?

b) Most bloggers don't know what to use as their tags. So, they blank it...

Most bloggers don't know what to use as their tags. So, many different tags are formed:
c) A freaking long tag:

d) A freaking short yet meaningless tag:

e) Tags with symbol(a dot):

f) Tags with symbol(-):

g) Tags with symbol(!):
h) Tags with symbol(^-^):
i) Tags with question marks:

j) Tags without commas...-.-'

k) Tags to inform others about something:

(yes, we know you are chris)

l) Tags with information that should be written in the description box rather than tags box:

m) Tags to encourage you to do something:

(Dig nose? Forget about it...It's disgusting!)

n) Tags to tell you how to do something:

(This sounds like 18SX)

o) Tags to tell others not to SUE him:

(We will try our best to sue you..)

p) Tags to tell others to hit him:

(*Punch* in the face)

Most bloggers don't know what to use as their tags. So, they copy the title directly:

This one is damn funny.
As most bloggers don't know what to use as their tags. So, they (scroll down)



Have a nice day!!


WayeYoung said...

HAHAH! good one there!!

Chris Thoo said...

although i have to admit that it's a little funny. but weh...are you mocking me here? =.=

Alexander Mahone said...

Nononono...It's just for fun as you said...

Chris Thoo said...

well...thanks anyway cos in a way u're mentioning me tho..:P

Alexander Mahone said...

No problem..

3POINT8 said...

I am the king of 'sarcastic' and 'witty' post-related tag

¢ħуαη 【♂】 said...

shit you got me.. XD

well that post i've did "firefox add-ons"

i was really lazy to type so i'd copy and paste from my blog editor. -.-"

i guess it was a BAD idea. :/
great post. :)

Alexander Mahone said...

[3Point] muahaha..
[¢ħуαη 【♂】 ] Thx..Not so bad lah..

Geoshua said...


BLue said...

Die la you shoot Chris again and again XD

Alexander Mahone said...

[Geoshua] Cuz u don't make ur tags funny enuf..
[Blue]Chris is ok..

Harmony said...

nxt time i use my nick

♥ м裏.jëиz said...

wahaha... this is funny!

good one~


Shirleen said...

lolxx.. this is funny.. this post just make me more cautious over my innits now.. :S

Alexander Mahone said...

Harmony, Miss Jenz, Shirleen

Welcome and thx..

Johnny Ong said...

LOL! this is a good post and fantastic observation. maybe most of them are lazy to do it

Alexander Mahone said...

Johnny Ong--Thx

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

I think I use my tags quite efficiently ;) Your blog is funny!

HeaVen eYe said...

hahah Im the One 18SX there... Be good.. And Happy Cristmas.. Hahahah Funny... how to removed Bra? ,, i have other trick,.

Alexander Mahone said...

[Gorgeous] Thx
[Heaven] Other trick?