Life No Longer Meaningless Part 2

Link for Life No Longer Meaningless Part 1

Some misunderstanding happened and he still doesn't believe me. This time, he made me two of these instead of one:

Once again, I explained.
a) We own special recycle bins.

b) Ships travel on special pathway.

c) We own special bed mainly for OURSELVES.

d) We own special bedroom with special surrounding.

e) Inside our washing room, we use special toilet CASH roller.

f) We can contact others even in the sea because we own special "Aquaphone".

g) Last time, we used funny cash. This time, we use galactic cash.

h) Going for an eye test? We carry out special eye test. The smaller the image, the sexier the girl.

i) Even our dog own special sex toy.

So, life still meaningless? Better think twice. (^.^)


Harmony said...

whats with the recycling bin... it doesnt seem useful.

Alexander Mahone said...

The design is sweet.

Yi Ling said...

the dog is cute. LOL.

Alexander Mahone said...

Bolt is more cute..
U know? The dog from Disney Animated Movie---Bolt.

Harry said...

I like the one "eye test"

Anonymous said...

LOL! life is tht boring! with these small wonders, life seem sweeter n tastier.but too much no good, like the metaphor of diabetes.