Girlfriend Disaster

Professor: Have a girlfriend?
Citizen: Of course.
Professor: Beware. You never know. They don't harm you when you don't harm them. But if you do, you will have to bear the consequences.
Citizens: What?
Professor: They will outnumber you.
Citizen: How to know my girlfriend wanna kill me?
a) Through food poisoning by simply adding tablets into your meal.

b) Through wine poisoning by simply adding venomous source.

c) Through bathroom utility by simply modifying the flush.

d) Through hairdryer by simply changing it's look.

e) Through cosmetics by simply designing the opening.

f) Through computer or laptops by simply installing new hardware.

g) Through clock by simply fixing new button.

h) Through bath and shower gel by simply getting use of her chemistry knowledge.

i) Through physical contact by simply doing it when you are unaware.

Citizen: @#$%^&! *Faint*
Professor: Just kidding.