Scenario: Animals, normal creatures in world are nothing special to harp on. But do you know that animals do have strange moments, funny poses, hilarious acts and very stupid reactions in their 'social' lives just like humans? In a much simple way, animals=humans=animals. Evidence? I have recently walked into their world to see what's actually happening and captured all their foolish moments with my (防震防水) Camera. What I get? Photos...More Photos...And Much More Photos...Through every single piece of photos, I prove that animals=humans.
Inference: Behaviour of animals is dependent on behaviour of humans.
Aim: To prove that animals=humans.
Hypothesis: Animals=humans. 100% guaranteed.
Apparatus: 防震防水 Camera.
Other requirements: Patience, Stamina, Speed, Physical Endurance.
Procedure: 1) Walk into forest and capture whatever photos you can get that prove animals=humans.
a) Animals are emotional. They easily lose control like students such as KLK.

b) When they are angry, they will find a way to membalas dendam like students such as CZX(qaz), KLK.

c) Animals like to bend the rules like students who like to ponteng such as OJL, KLK, TBG, CLJ.

d) Animals are playful like teenagers such as OWS, TLH, CCS, KLK, TTH.

e) Animals are intelligent like professors such as NYH.
f) They are so intelligent until they know how to 'memperalatkan orang lain' like students such as Yxx.

g) Worse, animals eat a lot like humans such as CTW and The Incredible Hulk.

h) Animals like fashion but mostly use it in a wrong way like students such as YJJ.

i) Animals can do incredible things like actors such as The Dark Knight.

j) Animals know how to menggoda other animals but fail every times like students such as Yxx.

k) After they failed on their attempts, they like others to care about them like students such as Yxx.

l) Animals also like to suck/touch others' privacy when they are not allowed to like students such as GZE, OSY.

m) Animals often get tired like students who like to sleep at class when they are tired such as KLK, GJL, OSY.

n) Most of all, this one I'm not sure of. Do animals have their penis as small as humans? Or 50 times larger? Cant manage to see from this angle.

Even from this angle.

Conclusion: The hypothesis is accepted. Animals=Humans. And now, I don't only get Photos...More Photos...And Much More Photos, I get experiences, knowledge, laughter and ideas after reading this post. I will continue posting with my style....


该死的达豪 said...

Dude I Like This!!!
And your style of picture and fun


continue with that

羽鳥海斗 Hatori Kaito said...

^^ cool