Genetic Engineering

After the tedious period of Biology in school, those scientific words from Chapter 5-Inheritance were still swirling around me: "Genes", "DNA", "Chromosomes", "RNA", "DNA Fingerprinting", "Nitrogenous base" and whatsoever. After returning home, I still came across with these:

A Dog With A Human Alike Offspring

Anyhow, teacher Por was right. Genetic Engineering has been so successful until letting such "coincidence" to happen. Biology is, after all, the Master of Science.


Tekkaus said...

Ouh my god! This is so not happening! ;(

Anonymous said...

That iis soooo sad and inhuman!!
What't wrong with these people??
Don't they have any moral remorse?
Or have a care at all?!?

Anonymous said...

This is nonsense and needs to be put to a stop!!